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Please read each description under each category and pick the service that best describes what you are looking for.  When you are ready hit the " Book Your Appointment" button below


Swedish Massage

Best used for stress reduction. Incorporates gliding strokes and kneading techniques to improve circulation and ease muscle tension. Pressure can range from light - firm.


Deep Tissue Massage

Best used for chronic pain. Specialized techniques used to delve beyond the superficial muscles to the small stabilizing muscles underneath. Working to break up adhesions and release tension knots within the muscles.


Therapeutic Massage

Best used to release tension within the muscles as well as promote relaxation to those same tired muscles.


Prenatal Massage

Best used to ease the discomfort associated with pregnancy. Also helps to ease the mental and emotional stress that accompanies the different stages of pregnancy. Props and pillows are used to assist with promoting comfort throughout the session.


Oncology Massage

A customized massage based on the diagnosis, treatment plan, and side effects associated with the initial cancer diagnosis. Light relaxing strokes help to ease discomfort that may surface through the varying stages of cancer. Also helps to re-integrate the client back into their body.


Hot Stone Massage

Best used for deep relaxation and chronic muscle pain or discomfort. Smooth Basalt stones are heated and used to manipulate and soothe muscles. If deep tissue is too much for you, hot stone is a wonderful alternative.

What  customers are saying

You are a rock star! Thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate you

- Serita V .

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