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Because " YOU " Matter

Say Yes To Self

Imagine what it would feel like to have the space to breathe, relieve tension, soothe your mind, and repair the unexpected......

Benefits of Massage

Massage is known as a luxury, a special treat to indulge in from time to time. However, there are many health benefits associated with massage as well.  Such as......

Pain management
Improving sleep
Reducing inflammation
Improves Mood
Increases flexibility
Helps boost the immune system
Promotes overall well being and health


Coaching? Why?

Because your best self is waiting.......

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Taking steps towards your dreams? Not sure where to start? 

Let's talk it out and build the framework to make it happen ...



What customers are saying

Knowing Maryanne for the past 7 years has done wonders on my life. Seven years ago, I was lost, hurt, depressed, and unaware of the things misguiding my future. Since then, Maryanne has introduced me into a safe, non-judgmental environment where I am able to take the time I need to transform, and rebuild my life.  Our journey together has not been easy, but thanks to her I am healing profoundly. She is, and has always been a wonderful health coach. I am forever thankful.

- Danielle B. 

You hear all the hype stating massage therapy should be a part of your wellness plan; I was not a believer. I met Maryanne about 3 years ago, and she has forever changed my belief. One massage with her and not only did my mindset change, but my body actually thanked me. This was the first time I had a massage and actually felt the difference in my muscles. Maryanne's hands are truly magical. If I miss an appointment my body definitely lets me know. Let's just say Maryanne has become a part of my life forever!

- Jacqueline J.

I find that my therapist is very professional. She takes the time to get to know what my needs are. Not like a magician but a body mechanic. Helps to make what feels bad feel better. Soothes aches and pains , sometimes with just words as well. I love my once a month body treatment and my "me" time. It's a wonderful experience no matter your age. Take the time to love yourself. Try it. Try HER! You are great Maryanne! Keep up the good work :)


- Susan M.

Maryanne has the ability to help you feel completely safe to share things that are deeply written on your heart. As you work with her I know you will see the changes in your life and soul. I know I have and continue to do so.

- Katie H.

Maryanne is a magician! I get on her table a stressed out mess, and she knows exactly what I need. Her hands are strong and skilled. I like deep pressure, and she delivers. All I have to do is say what areas of my body are bothering me and Maryanne's talented hands go to work. She is also a wonderful and caring person who genuinely wants to help her clients feel their best. She is always learning and improving her technique by attending massage therapy workshops and educational conferences. I always feel like a million bucks when I leave her table. I am very grateful to have Maryanne in my life!

- Judi L .

This is your time....

Indulge in "ME" time

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